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To improve control efficiency and minimize expenses the enterprises and organizations strive to optimize existing business processes. The most important asset is information availability and relevance of which are the key factors of success in competitive environment. This situation stimulates large-scale development of data storage technologies.

Common Issues


Many businesses have faced hardware failure which results in server downtime..


A server can be taken down by any virus imposed by a cyber attack for days, if not weeks at a time.


Your business could suffer, you’ll lose revenue, all because of server problems slowing down your system.

Advantages Of Working With iPlanet


Our client doesn’t need to hire IT staff or retain consultants to maintain a server for all his digital data. our IT experts will handle all necessary IT operations and network support for your company.
By outsourcing your data storage, you can saved on a lot of hardware and maintenance costs. You can automatically move data between tiers, which reduces administration and lets you more easily realize cost savings.
It is recommended for every business to have a backup plan in case of an emergency. After all, losing important business data can cause huge losses to any business. The files are stored at a remote location and you can retrieved and accessed at any time.
We have the right server management staffs to handle things before they become huge issues. You will have a proactive team of specialists ready to help you get the most out of your servers.

Our Services

Implement Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Technology

We incorporate our technology with servers and storage to provide a distributed infrastructure platform that has intelligent software to enable versatile building blocks. So there is no need for legacy infrastructure that consists of separate servers, storage networks and storage arrays. By combining commodity data-centre hardware with locally attached storage devices (spinning disk or flash) that is driven by a distributed software layer, we prevent the usual problems that come with outdated legacy infrastructures. The advantages of using a hyper-convergence infrastructure are simplicity, lowered costs, consistent performance, a smaller data-centre footprint, greater efficiency and productivity for IT teams, which results in optimised infrastructure ROI.

Backup & Storage Service With Zero Downtime

Data backup and storage combines techniques and solutions for efficient and cost-effective backup. Your data is copied to one or more locations, at predetermined frequencies, and at different capacities. You can set up a flexible data backup operation, using your own architecture, or make use of available Backup as a Service (BaaS) solutions, mixing them up with local storage. Today, there are plenty of corporate storage TCO solutions to help you calculate costs, avoid data loss, and prevent data breaches. As a Storage Service Provider (SSP) we provide server storage space and related management services. We also offer periodic backup and archiving. Advantages of managed storage are that more space can be ordered as required. Depending upon your SSP, backups may also be managed.

Full Network Service Support and Maintenance

Our team consist of Certified Support Engineers that have the experience and training to carry out comprehensive network service support and maintenance.

Onsite Installation and Implementation

Our team will ensure a proper onsite installation at your premise and conduct a couple of test runs before launching your system live.

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