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Sangfor Cyber Guardian MDR

Managed Detection and Response Service | Faster Response Through Human/AI Collaboration

State of Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks are becoming more complex

Threat actors are taking advantage of advancements in technology to launch increasingly sophisticated and devastating attacks. Cyber threats are evolving at a highly accelerated pace, giving defenders very little time to investigate and defend against them.

Security operations is not just a matter of building a SOC

Many organizations underestimate the importance and fall short of maintaining an effective SOC and running 24x7 operations. This often leads to inefficient security operations and results in staff burnout and alert fatigue.

Skill shortages are making it difficult to build sound defences

Globally acknowledged as a major concern, the growth of cyber security skills lags severely behind every other aspect of cyber security. Organizations are struggling to acquire, develop and retain the necessary talent to protect themselves against fast-evolving threats.

Lack of cyber security knowledge and processes

Most organizations lack the necessary SOPs and policies to properly manage threats. Despite having the latest technologies in place, improper implementation or use of these technologies nullifies their effectiveness in protecting the organization.

Sangfor Cyber Guardian MDR (Managed Detection and Response) Service

Introducing Cyber Guardian MDR (Managed Detection and Response) service, a Sangfor branded service that leverages human and machine intelligence to help organizations detect and respond to security threats.

  • Combine state-of-the-art AI-powered threat detection technologies with the most up-to-date global threat intelligence to detect and identify known and unknown threats
  • Employ human logic and professional scepticism in threat analysis to provide context-relevant threat notifications and alerts
  • Enhance the effectiveness and value of security operations by leveraging the know-how and expertise of seasoned security professionals to respond to threats
  • Gain peace of mind with continuous, round-the-clock threat detection and response operations

This service aims to deliver contextual relevance to our customers, that is, providing accurate and relevant threat notifications and response assistance when credible threats are identified in the customer’s environment. This is achieved through our two-stage service process.

  • Pre-service Onboarding: Assessing the environment to understand the context in which the service will be rendered.
  • Service Operations: Continuous threat detection and response operations including the necessary reporting and communications between customers and our SOC team.
Sangfor Cyber Guardian
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