Meraki and Umbrella

Experience network and security convergence delivered in minutes

A fast start to SASE: Meraki MX and Umbrella

Cisco's approach to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) delivers best-in-class networking and security capabilities to help secure access wherever users and applications reside. Your organization can get a fast start to SASE in a variety of ways through simple, automated solutions that remove the time, cost, and complexity from your deployment.

The Meraki Umbrella SD-WAN connector makes it simple to deploy cloud security across your SD-WAN fabric with only a few clicks. With streamlined network configuration and security enforcement, you can secure cloud access and protect users against internet threats on and off the network more easily and consistently. Meraki's dynamic policies and intelligent path selection with automatic load balancing maximize performance and reliability.

Achieve industry's best threat detection with less effort

Umbrella unifies DNS-layer security, secure web gateway, cloud access security broker, and application-aware firewall functionality to simplify management and improve security efficacy. With flexible policies, you can support use cases from basic DNS-layer security to advanced inspection and control of web and application traffic to keep your business safe.

Cisco Umbrella, backed by Talos, the world's largest commercial threat research team, delivers unmatched threat intelligence. In a security efficacy test performed by AV-TEST, an independent testing firm in Europe, Cisco Umbrella achieved the highest threat detection rate at 96.39%.

A scalable SASE foundation

The Cisco Umbrella global cloud architecture provides the consistent high-performance security you'll need to meet multi-cloud demands and to perform SSL decryption at a scale not possible with on-premises hardware. Umbrella's agile architecture delivers network resiliency and reliability to keep your connections secure.

  • Large network of peering partners shrinks latency and increases performance
  • Anycast routing offers the best possible availability, reliability and quality
  • Umbrella's DNS security services have delivered 100% business uptime since 2006

Simple to deploy and integrate

“Connecting Meraki to Umbrella took just two clicks…With Umbrella and Meraki being so simple to deploy and integrate, they make life much easier for us versus other solutions. Other products may have provided adequate defenses, but the user experience did not match our needs. With Umbrella, the traffic is very fast, and it was seamless for us to deploy.

The key benefit from the users' point of view is transparent protection and the availability of resources from wherever they are working.”

Diego Zengin
Global CTO, Cosentino
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Fast, simple protection for Wi-Fi users with Meraki MR and Umbrella

Deploy Umbrella's DNS-layer security across your Meraki MR network with just a few clicks. In minutes, your users will be protected against threats such as malware, ransomware, and C2 callbacks with no added latency.

Umbrella and Meraki solution brief

Benefits of Umbrella and Meraki integration

“Prior to the Meraki MR and Umbrella integration, management of our proxy server environment spanned two departments and was a challenge to troubleshoot and support when issues arose.

After the Umbrella integration, we are able to use allow list policies applied to specific networks allowing us granular control over host activities, all managed from a single dashboard. We have also been able to save money on server software and license renewal costs.”

Marcus Trainer
Director of Network Operations
System Administrative Services

Three ways to simplify security in the cloud

Cisco Meraki MR

100% cloud-managed wireless access points for faster deployment, simplified administration, and rich visibility

Cisco Meraki MX

Leader in cloud-controlled Wi-Fi, routing, SD-WAN, and on-premise security solutions that simplify deployment and management for improved IT experience

Cisco Umbrella

A cloud-delivered security services that secures internet access and cloud application usage anywhere users go

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